Meet Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline.

I have always loved clothes. From dressing up in costume jewellery and my grandma’s scarves as a young child, to saving every ounce of pocket money I got to go to the local high street on a Saturday morning in my early teens. The way an item of clothing can make you feel is something that I’ve always been fascinated with, and it goes without saying that I love to shop!

Although fashion has always been my dream career, instead of studying it at University I decided to focus on a BSc in Psychology and spend my summers interning at different fashion houses.

During my degree I focused heavily on the psychology of appearance, with a dissertation on ‘Vanity Sizing’ and its psychological effects on women’s self-belief and self-esteem.

I have spent the last ten years working as a freelance Fashion Stylist on celebrity, advertising and editorial shoots. I feel so lucky to have had the career to date I have had, working internationally in incredible locations and with such talented people.

Occasionally I would work with a magazine or TV competition winner who had won a shopping day with a stylist. Seeing the impact my knowledge and advice was having on someone’s confidence, I launched this personal styling business to run alongside the commercial work I still loved doing.

Now in my mid 30’s and as a mum I can really appreciate how much lifestyle dictates what you want to wear verses what you end up wearing and how easily you can get lost with other things in life taking priority. Whilst I will always value the importance of the emotive side of dressing,

I also have the skills, experience and understanding to know what will suit you and your body shape, take your life style into consideration and ultimately make you feel happy with how you feel in the clothes you’re in.


My mission is to bring inspiration and confidence to all women in the clothes they own and how they wear them.