Personal shopping

Because life can be busy and shopping can be overwhelming, it is easy to become a creature of habit even without realising it, visiting the same shops and picking up the same styles over and over again. Shopping with someone who is not affiliated to a particular store with a knowledge of what the best cut is for your shape, an understanding of your budget and lifestyle and a professional eye will result in you trying on a whole selection of items you would have never even considered.

The experience will open your eyes to different shapes, brands, and colours and leave you with confidence and a fresh perspective. Whether you are shopping for a seasonal refresh, an upcoming event or have had a big change in lifestyle such as pregnancy or a new job, I would love to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The price for this service is £245 for half a day (4 hours) plus £50 for every subsequent hour.

Is personal shopping for me?

Yes if you want to….

  • Learn dressing for your body shape 
  • Explore your personal style  
  • Be introduced to new ideas
  • Learn what clothing best that suits you  
  • Gain the know-how to shop well on your own. 
  • Purhcase key pieces for your wardrobe 

What does my session include? 

  • An initial telephone conversation  
  • A bespoke mood board  
  • 4 hours shopping in London (extra hours available on request) 
  • Lots of styling tips as we go 

Wardrobe Refresh

It is amazing what you can find in other people’s wardrobes that they had forgotten about or fallen out of love with. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to revitalise what you already own. Simple and inexpensive alterations can be done to rework and refit key items and separates can be paired together in ways you hadn’t previously imagined.

However it’s also the case that most of us only regularly wear about 25% of what we own. It also helps to clear out items you no longer wear whether this is due to fit, style or how they make you feel. This is a great and economic way of refining your wardrobe and helps clarify what, if anything, you need to purchase to work in with what you already own.

The price for this service is £195 for half a day (4 hours) plus £50 for every subsequent hour.

Is a wardrobe refresh for me?

Yes if you want to….

  • Save money by learning what you actually need
  • Save time by learning what works for you best 
  • Have multiple outfit options available to you easily
  • Have a professional sort through and clear out your wardrobe 
  • Have a better understanding of shapes and styles that suit you

What does my session include?

  • An at home wardrobe clear out and reorganise 
  • A discussion about what is working best on you and why  
  • Outfit suggestions using items you already have
  • A list of anything you are missing to complete existing outfits 

Online shopping edit

We are so lucky that all of our incredible high street, designer and independent stores have equally brilliant websites for us to shop from in the comfort of our own homes with a simple returns system for any unwanted items.

Our online shopping edit can be as broad or as focused as you wish. For example, I could offer you pieces to update your wardrobe for the season or search for and present to you the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding. It is also great for those of you who want all the benefits of a personal styling session but perhaps prefer to do so without having to physically go the shops.

The price for this service is £225 for half a day (4 hours) plus £50 for every subsequent hour.

Is a wardrobe refresh for me? 

Yes if you want to….

  • Have items delivered to your home to try on in your leisure 
  • Try on with other pieces in your wardrobe
  • Have a list and mood baord to refer back to 
  • Discover some new brands, styles and shapes
  • Save time shopping

What does my session include?

  • A phone conversation to discuss your requirements 
  • A bespoke shopping document 
  • A mood board with inspiration of how to wear each item 
  • Shopable links of the pieces specially selected for you.

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